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Good News For Everyone! (formerly GideonsUK) are a Leicestershire based non-profit organisation that Trident have had a long working relationship with. We design and lay out their quarterly magazines which are then distributed to all of their members.

The Background

Good News For Everyone! require a magazine every 3 months which showcases their work in local communities and abroad. A dynamic design and lay-out is needed for 32 pages of testimonies, articles, international matters and photographs. Their readers have a wide age-range so the magazine needs to be clear and easy-to-read.


the tri-monthly magazine is a direct link to the Good News For Everone! members. It houses emotional subject matter (happy and sad) and many personal stories, so the design needs to be sympathetic yet engaging. The magazine is also printed by ourselves and distributed by a mailing provider sourced by Trident.


Good News For Everyone! and ourselves work together within a fixed timeline so the content and drafts can be created, checked and amended allowing the whole process to run smoothly, making it a stress-free experience for all involved.

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