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A re-position in the market for Special K?

After three long years, Kellogg’s have planned to re-position Special K in the market focusing on the health benefits of the cereal brand rather than the perceptions of a dieting snack.
The heart of any business’s success lies in its marketing. Most aspects of a…

Where does print fit in 2018, and can it still benefit us?

It’s 28 years since the internet was invented, and during that time print has been touted to be coming to the end time and again. In my 13 years in the marketing world, print has certainly changed in the way that people are using it, and I do recall people telling…

Season’s Greetings

Every year, big brands are keen to maximise their marketing budget, investing huge sums of money into their Christmas advertising campaigns. It has almost become a competition to see who will make the most popular Christmas advert. Well, it’s that time of year again…

Coca-Cola Delights at Christmas

For me, it’s always been the case that I associate the start of the Christmas period with the iconic advert featuring the Coca-Cola truck more than any other brand. It’s just like the song goes, “Holidays are coming”. Sure, I look forward to seeing what John Lewis conjure up but I feel like the magic is dwindling from their adverts and I prefer the anticipation more than their execution now.


I recently found a report that claimed that there are over 3 billion active social media users around the world. That’s a scary number considering that the Earth’s population is estimated to be 7.5 billion people. The average twitter user follows 208 accounts, most of that will be close and distance friends, people you know, your favourite football team or popstar and Piers Morgan. However, only a few amounts of businesses i.e. marketing agencies, law firms, companies selling a product. If the average twitter user only follows a few businesses, how do brands reach out to consumers to gain their loyalty and attention? Pushing out informative, serious content is all good and well if that is an interest to the follower, but how do you cover the middle ground and reach people that aren’t necessarily interested in what you’re offering on social media?

Digital Engagement – why should you care?

With more people globally connected online either on their desktop or through mobiles, grabbing the attention of consumers is more competitive than ever before for marketers. The digital space, of course, extends across various channels, beyond our computers and mobiles, to digital banners in store and on location and the integration between them all. This means we’re all vying for that all-important engagement with our audiences and only the clever, thoughtful and more memorable touch points will cut through. Understanding the digital environment, how it can effectively be used for our audience and how we can measure it, is key.

What’s in our creative locker?

We firmly believe in the power of creativity. The only way you’re going to get noticed is for your communication to really stand out and a creative solution is the best way to achieve that. It’s also the best way to connect with your audiences. A website is your online shop window and has the potential to be seen the world over so it needs to be a creative, useful and engaging place.

What does Audience Delight really mean?

What does Audience Delight really mean? Is it important to connect with consumers on an emotional level? Shouldn’t we always be trying to create memorable experiences for them?

Delivering memorable experiences at the Chamber expo

On Friday 15th September 2017, we embarked on our first physical exposure of our new branding and agency proposition at the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. The unveiling if you like. It was the perfect environment to show our true colours...