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Our campaign managers know that there are many aspects to a successful email campaign.

Our Guarantee to You

We always listen to you to understand your goals and articulate in terms you understand.

Creative email campaigns tailored to your businesses needs.

Compelling and relevant content is the very best start, but we know that it needs to be partnered with an effective delivery strategy and confident brand consistency. Of course, your budget and your KPIs are monitored too – your Trident team has everything under control.

With the rise of Social Media use, it’s easy to think that Email Marketing has seen its peak, however, the power it has to reach out to potential clients should not be underestimated.

It is still the number one communication channel, with just about every adult checking their emails at least once per day. Email Marketing is also one of the very few ways to deliver your message directly to the person you want so it’s hardly surprising that it still outperforms Social Media advertising in terms of conversion rate and average order value.

Trident is an agency based in the heart of the country near Leicester, providing a full range of solutions to clients throughout the UK.  We have a strong Marketing focus within everything we do and specialise in achieving a visible and tangible return for on-line activities such as Email Marketing.

Are you ready to kickstart your next email campaign?


93% of all website traffic comes from a search engine, you need seo to feature on those search engines and get your share of the traffic

Email marketing that converts prospects into customers.

Email Marketing is not a guaranteed success and there are many pitfalls to avoid to protect your reputation and that of your brand (not to mention avoid wasting valuable budget). From construction of lists to creation of messages, and even the most efficient and cost-effective methods of delivery, we will apply our Digital Marketing expertise to ensure that your Email Marketing campaign converts prospects into customers and builds engagement and loyalty from those who have already purchased.

If you like the idea of a results-driven, highly experienced team managing your Email Marketing then speak to us about our range of service options.

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