5 fabulous colour trends for 2019

Posted on January 23, 2018 by Kim Burrage, Managing Director at Trident

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Colour, it’s everywhere, it’s an instant form of communication strong and emotive. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s even more important as first impressions count for so much. At a glance colour can calm the eye or distract it, it can change thoughts and emotions. Designers are always pushing boundaries and creating new and exciting ways of using colour to visualize emotion.

Let’s take a look at the colour trends for 2019.

Fiery Reds

Deep Red

Red is a powerful colour and used in large amounts can create immediate impact. Red has always been associated with Blood, fire, love, passion and strength. It’s an attention grabber and a bit risky which can be a good thing the feeling of power can transfer to consumers. Be prepared, in 2019 we will see a lot of Red.

White Neutrals


Taking a break from Red we can relax in the calm and cleanliness of White neutrals. White is associated with honesty and neutrality giving its use an air of wonder. White could be taking centre stage in 2019, White space giving that sleek minimalist look. Only combined with other neutrals an overall modern and elegant look.

Earthy Tones


These tones will subconsciously connect us back to mother nature, nostalgic emotion. Echoes of the beach, the desert, gardens, woodland. Used in lighter and darker shades think about browns, yellows, corals and greens. Giving a raw effortless natural feel. In 2019 we are looking for a break from vibrant images on social media, enjoying a back to nature feel. Creating a warm homely safe haven.

Daring Contrasts

Designing with contrasting colours has a challenge of its own. Get it wrong and it will strain people’s eyes, get it right and it will be vibrant and striking. Using opposing colours on the colour wheel together will accentuate them both, making them yell out, 2019 will see experimentation with unusual combinations, incorporating colour and pattern to create dynamic results.

A touch of colour


Simple minimal pallet with only a touch of colour creates impact. A single touch of colour has the ability to turn a flat design into something with interest. Guiding the reader through the piece to highlight things of importance. Expect to see designers in 2019 using colour sparingly in clever and eye-catching ways.

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Written by Kim Burrage

Managing Director at Trident

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