For some of us Social media is a scary notion and the field of the unknown but facing these fears could be exactly what you and your business needs.

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest represent a huge opportunity for businesses to grab the attention of customers while simultaneously building a brand image. There are plenty of tactics that businesses can employ to do this including the creation of brand profiles on social networks such as Facebook fan pages and creative advertising via branded podcasts and applications, also known as apps.

Companies may see the spread of negative reviews about their products or services as a bad thing, when they can use it to their advantage. By utilising social media effectively, companies can reach out to dissatisfied customers directly, within their own social media environment, to find innovative ways of improving the product or service they have on offer.

Using social media for your business can be a shift from the way you normally communicate but keep in mind that it won’t harm your business to try and see if this new way of communication can be beneficial to you and your business.

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