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James Axon | Junior Account Executive at Trident

11th October 2017

“Doors are for people with no imagination.”

– Derek Landy, Irish writer and screenwriter

We firmly believe in the power of creativity. The only way you’re going to get noticed is for your communication to really stand out and a creative solution is the best way to achieve that. It’s also the best way to connect with your audiences. A website is your online shop window and has the potential to be seen the world over so it needs to be a creative, useful and engaging place.

Trident collaborated extensively with user experience experts and our highly skilled designers, after many hours of brainstorming, coffee making and a pack of Sharpie’s later, the team decided on an icon and an engaging image to represent each capability. We felt this was the best way to link to our philosophy of Audience Delight.

The images that we decided on had a back story and a meaning for why it was chosen. The key factor that we were looking for the most, was to avoid a literal image of that specific capability, i.e. we didn’t want our Web Design page to have an image of someone behind a computer building a website.

The image below caught our eye as it is fun, instantly recognisable and easy to understand. We believe this will engage and delight our audiences.


Our Work

Aqata – Frameless Brochure


What was the problem?

Aqata make the kind of luxury showers that most of us just dream about. They’re well established in their market but they approached us with a need to launch a new range under a new identity. We’re talking high end here, and the resulting brochure needed to reflect that.

How did we delight them?

Our research told us that we needed to produce something clean, sleek and very aspirational. Consequently, the CGI room sets in the brochure are beautifully striking and highly impactful, while the typography was redesigned to help make the reading of the online brochure a totally pleasurable experience.

How’d it do?

Testimonial from client: ‘We worked with Trident on creating an identity for our latest product range, Design Solutions. The identity and brochure needed to reflect our brand positioning of high-end and contemporary – and it did just that!

Overall, the brochure has been incredibly well-received both by internal stakeholders and in the wider market. It has been hailed as a brochure that is both user-friendly and stunning in design, as well as being picked up in national trade press titles.

We can’t wait to work with Trident in the future – in fact, we are already looking at where we can take our brand next!”

Travel Uni – Rebrand and Website

What was the problem?

Online Travel Academy came to us because they wanted to update their website. The site they had in place was proving to be problematic for new customers as they couldn’t even see the basic content unless they’d logged in as members. This was proving a real headache in terms of processing any enquiries.

How did we delight them?

We reskinned the site, tackling the navigation and upgraded the whole user experience. It was also important to make the member learning area more interactive and more accessible so that members could easily chart their progress as they moved through the learning tiers. When this was all in development, Online Travel Academy merged with Travel Uni so a rebrand was required. All part of the service.

How’d it do?

The merger of Travel Uni and Online Travel Academy has helped create one of the largest online travel-based learning platforms. With their new site and new look, we were instrumental in helping them hit the top of their market. The business is now growing steadily.

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What else can we do?

Here are a few of many creative services and abilities we have:

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If you’d like to look at how to make a creative campaign successful and engage with new audiences, then get in touch.

Written by james Axon

Junior Account Executive at Trident

What else can we do?

Here are a few of many creative services and abilities we have:


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