The power of colour

Ultimately colour is nothing more than perceptions, and only exist in the minds of those experiencing them. They can have a powerful effect on our emotions. The physiology of colour has been widely explored by experts in many fields over many years. While the emotional effect of colour differs from person to person depending on gender, culture and personal experience, there are some general guidelines which have come from many colour psychology studies.

Understanding these guidelines helps in brand design, influencing and shaping customer perception. Supposedly 80% of the information we receive from a logo comes from the colours contained within it.

Here are 6 famous logos and what their brand colours portray

Red, powerful, passionate, exciting. Yellow, warm, happy and optimistic.

Green, healthy and fresh. Black, sophisticated secure and powerful.

Orange, warm, fun and friendly.

Blue, trustworthy and reliable. Red, adds warmth, comfort, power and excitement.

Black, elegant, powerful, sophisticated and secure.

Multiple colours, variety, diversity and inclusivity.

Choosing the right logo colours can highlight your business’ strengths and help you attract the right customers. And, as you might guess, the wrong combination can have the reverse effect.

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Have You Ever Noticed What's Hidden In The Logo?

Written By Kim Burrage
Managing Director at Trident

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