Seasons Greetings –
My Favourite Festive Ad’s in 2017


James Axon | Junior Account Executive at Trident

22nd December 2017

Every year, big brands are keen to maximise their marketing budget, investing huge sums of money into their Christmas advertising campaigns. It has almost become a competition to see who will make the most popular Christmas advert.

Well, it’s that time of year again. Gifting (guaranteed new socks), pigs-in-blankets, tinsel, the office Secret Santa, German markets, Brussel sprouts (some people like them) and of course – the turkey.

Seasons Greeting

In my opinion, John Lewis idea (like most years) was to show that giving presents is much more enjoyable than receiving them, so shop in their stores. However it didn’t connect with me as their previous ads have done so successfully like Buster the Boxer or Man on the Moon did. It’s tough when expectations are so high. So overall I’d say it’s good but not great. There’s definitely room to improve in 2018 and to bring a more Christmassy scene back to the advert rather than it being all about the presents – I’d go way back to the Snowman, the essence was the same but the delivery was so much more powerful. First mistake for me is covering a Beatles track; I’m not saying there should be a law against that but…

Will it still work?

I believe so. Christmas provides a golden opportunity for lots of business’, especially those specifically in retail and the knock-on effects of their campaign success go way beyond the seven-week run up to Christmas. The success of their Christmas activity can have both short-term and long-term effects in terms of showing an increase in sales and profits. The more popularity and buzz generated by an advert, the longer the impact it has on the brand. For example, John Lewis estimates that since 2012, its sales have increased by more than 35% thanks to the success of their Christmas advertising.

What are competitors doing?

Most big brands have almost been forced into making a Christmas advert to keep up with the popularity of John Lewis. I’ve looked at the two other adverts to form a more balanced view, these are the best and the worst of the adverts in my opinion that I have seen this year;

Seasons Greeting

Written by James Axon

Junior Account Executive at Trident

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