Digital Engagement – why should you care?


Adam Burrage | Managing Partner at Trident

10th November 2017

With more people globally connected online either on their desktop or through mobiles, grabbing the attention of consumers is more competitive than ever before for marketers. The digital space, of course, extends across various channels, beyond our computers and mobiles, to digital banners in store and on location and the integration between them all. This means we’re all vying for that all-important engagement with our audiences and only the clever, thoughtful and more memorable touch points will cut through. Understanding the digital environment, how it can effectively be used for our audience and how we can measure it, is key.

‘Digital Engagement’, the term is used a lot. In it’s most simple form, digital engagement is a customer interacting with your brand on a digital platform. On Social Media, this comes through encouraging consumers to comment, like or share a post, the more engaging the story is, the more interactions you’ll encourage. This is true beyond Social Media as well and can be applied to your website and email strategies; communicating with consumers and giving them a reason to interact is invaluable to enhancing their digital brand experience. This can be achieved on a deeper level with richer content delivered in the right way, either through a video, playing a game or connecting to them using an app to further enhance their brand experience.

Another example of a brand striving to put the consumer experience at the heart of their own innovations is Amazon. They’re pushing the boundaries in the digital space further with their latest product – Amazon Key.

Consumer Experience1

This new technology allows courier companies to deliver into your home by a smart lock, app and camera. Amazon Prime delivering on the same day as the consumer ordered is great if they are in. This new tech allows the courier to unlock the door with their app, the camera is monitoring the door to ensure that they are only dropping off the package and you can watch your order being delivered. You can breath easy for those urgent packages – great if you’re not in and can’t pick up.

New Technology1

Written by Adam Burrage

Managing Partner at Trident

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