All the colours in the Rainbow, well nearly! Colour in Graphic Design

Posted on September 30, 2019

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When it comes to choosing colours to feature in graphic designs, green has always been a favourite for graphic designers. The psychological pull behind green is strong, with most people associating it with one of two things: nature (which evokes feelings of calm, tranquility, and peace) or money (which evokes feelings of wealth, and power). If you’re designing for an industry that’s in any way tied to nature (like agriculture or organic foods), lime green is a great colour to work into your designs—not only will it speak to people’s cultural associations with nature, but it will put an on-trend spin to the final product that feels fresh and organic. Try incorporating lime green into your logo design or as an accent colour in a website colour palette (because this shade is so bright and vibrant, you probably want to avoid making it the focal colour at the risk of overwhelming the audience with too much lime). 

How About Sunshine Yellow?

Yellow has strong psychological associations with cheerfulness (thanks to the sunshine connection)—and people tend to think of it as a friendly and upbeat colour. So, if you want your designs to make people feel cheerful and happy A spot of Yellow is a real winner. Because yellow is such a bright and happy colour, it’s a great choice for any designs geared towards children. Mix it with other primary colours to create eye-catching designs that will appeal to younger people.

Red is the Colour of Power and Confidence!

Red is a colour of passion, energy, and excitement also—so if the end goal of your designs is to rev people up and get them excited it’s a great colour to use. If you’re designing for a company that ultimately wants to inspire feelings of excitement in their audience, like a retail brand or an estate agents (what’s more exciting than buying a house?!), Red really is a great option. Just avoid using too much red—you don’t want to cross the threshold from a design that inspires feeling of excitement to a design that inspires feelings of anger.

The Calming Hues of Blue

The colour blue has deep psychological ties to feelings of peace and calmness—but those aren’t the only psychological associations you think about with this colour. Blue has also been shown to increase feelings of trust. Blue is a classic colour that you can work into any design in any industry due to its popularity, but if you’re designing for industries that, in particular, need to inspire a sense of trustworthiness with their audience like Solicitors or Accountants this is a fantastic choice.

Colour is a form of non verbal communication. It is not a static energy and its meaning can change from one day to the next with any individual – it all depends on what energy they are expressing at that point in time!

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Written by Victoria Price

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