Coca-Cola: A brand that delights at Christmas.


Jordan Foster | Account Director at Trident

11th December 2017

For me, it’s always been the case that I associate the start of the Christmas period with the iconic advert featuring the Coca-Cola truck more than any other brand. It’s just like the song goes, “Holidays are coming”.

Sure, I look forward to seeing what John Lewis conjure up but I feel like the magic is dwindling from their adverts and I prefer the anticipation more than their execution now.

Coke and Laterooms

They have already started this year’s exciting truck tour [in November] which sees it visit cities across the UK delivering Christmas cheer and of course, Coca-Cola. On top of this the brand are launching a pop-up shop in Dublin this December providing exclusive merchandise and a virtual reality (VR) experience for shoppers.

Experiential activity done well is the perfect way to generate mass awareness and bring your product directly to consumers. Now don’t get me wrong, Coke don’t exactly need to raise awareness of their brand and I’m fairly sure a vast proportion of Ireland have at some point tasted it. But, what a great way to engage with consumers during the busy shopping hours. While people are ducking and diving through the shops looking for the perfect presents this Christmas, Coke are providing an escape through their VR experience whilst simultaneously reinforcing their own Christmas credentials, delivering product directly to their audience. I can see the bored, weary and disillusioned shopper now relishing the opportunity to dive into this shop for VR entertainment and an ice-cold bottle of Coke to quench their thirst, preparing them for the last leg of shopping.

They’re even engaging with cinema goers this year through their Odeon partnership with such a simple concept, which are usually the most engaging and effective. Take a selfie in the pop-up truck found in Odeon foyers across the country with your Coke and post it on Social Media with the #CocaColaOdeon to be in with a chance to win free tickets. Something for nothing, but great engagement.

“It’s a brilliant example of audience delight and customer engagement, putting the consumer at the heart of the activity to deliver a memorable Christmas experience that people will cherish.”

Coca-Cola Odeon
Feel The Fresh of Coke

Written by Jordan Foster

Account Director at Trident

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