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AUDIENCE EXPERIENCE | Our Values | Trident


We’re all about creating a delightful experience for all our audiences.
It’s at the heart of everything we do.
CULTURE | Our Values | Trident


People produce great work when they’re happy. That’s why we do our utmost to keep our people that way.
PARTNERSHIPS | Our Values | Trident


We work closely with our clients, suppliers and specialists to achieve our common goals.
TRANSPARENCY | Our Values | Trident


Honesty and truthfulness are key in all areas. That’s how we stay focused and on target.
CREATIVITY | Our Values | Trident


People respond to inventive thinking. You’ll find it in our strategies, designs and solutions.
PASSION | Our Values | Trident


We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t care. For our partners, our work, our people and our audiences.


Here at Trident we’re thinkers, planners and doers who push the boundaries and deliver fantastic work for our clients. Fuelled by coffee, we question everything and ask ourselves a simple question: “How can we delight our audience?”. That’s our first and foremost priority.

Being enthusiastic about life and embracing everything it has to offer is what Kim enjoys

Having a career stretching over 30 years in design, she brings a breadth of experience, knowledge and passion that helps drive the team forward. Having created a vibrant working environment filled with talented individuals, Kim spearheads the business to create memorable audience experiences for our clients and their consumers.

When he’s not in the office, Adam can likely be found skiing or mountaineering somewhere in the Alps.

He has been a cornerstone at Trident for over 10 years using his vast experience to help drive the business forward on to the next level, working with our clients to develop their strategic direction, unearthing opportunities and bringing new clients into the trident family.

An ever-present member of the team, Mark has been at trident for over 8 years now so has a little experience to call on.

He coordinates all production through the business and ensures all deliveries and quality requirements are met. Outside of work he can be found competing in the odd Parkrun or playing the part of taxi-driver to his sons around the town – but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

A friendly, outgoing, music loving new mum, Mina has spent the last 5 years working at Trident on a wide variety of campaigns for an array of clients.

Using her vast experience in multimedia, marketing and print design she develops creative solutions that are sure to impress, delivering inspiring material for our clients to delight their audience.

As the newest member of the Trident team, Jiten uses his experience in digital design to create memorable audience experiences across multiple online channels for our clients.

He is the agencies specialist in web and UX design, bringing a fresh approach to our digital solutions. Outside of work, he enjoys playing football, video games and eating a silly amount of chocolate.

A creative member to the Trident team, Beckie is enthusiastic about all things design.

Always on the lookout for new exciting ways to create and improve the projects she works on. In her spare time, she loves to explore new places, practise yoga and eat nice food. Using her experience from a wide range of creative projects she aims the achieve Audience Delight in all her work.

Rebecca is the newest graphic designer here at Trident, she specialises in web design and brand identity.

In her spare time, she loves to holiday and go to music concerts.  Using her experience from a wide range of creative projects she aims to achieve Audience Delight in all her work.

Victoria is the newest member of the team. When not in work, she can be found creating pottery and playing badminton.

Victoria brings a wealth of knowledge in design, print, and all things digital. Working directly with clients on their marketing strategy and delivering multi-channel marketing campaigns is what she does best!


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