8 reasons why having a responsive website in 2019 is imperative

Posted on March 19, 2019 by Kim Burrage, Managing Director at Trident

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The use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has increased rapidly and they have overtaken the desktop as the primary method of accessing the web. With users accessing the Internet via smartphones and tablets, rather than a desktop computer, the importance of having a mobile-friendly website becomes paramount.

Below I listed 8 reasons why you should have a fully responsive website:

1. Your competitors will probably have mobile friendly sites, which business do you think visitors will buy from when browsing on their phone.

2. You can reach a wider audience responsive sites make sharing content easier visitors are more likely to share you on their social platforms. Giving you more exposure.

3. Mobile sites rank higher with Google meaning you will appear higher in the search results an easy and free way to rank higher. If Google finds your site is hostile to mobile users you’re definitely going to lose rank.

4. In this instant age with short attention spans a responsive site will load quicker and keep a visitor’s attention if you have a site that takes ages to load visitors will click off in an instant. More than half your visitors will leave if your site doesn’t load in 3 seconds!

5. A mobile friendly site will give visitors and much better online experience a visually appealing and enjoyable interaction with your company. If navigation is easy, and the site loads easily, text is easy to read and fits well into the small screen visitors will enjoy browsing.

6. Customers viewing on their mobiles will have easy access to your contact details when they need them, don’t make it difficult for them to contact you.

7. 57% of browsers would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site.

8. 40% of browsers will turn to a competitor’s site straight after a bad mobile experience.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this blog useful!

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Written by Kim Burrage

Managing Director at Trident

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